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Meeting the growers

Meeting the growers

I believe the key to producing excellent coffee is creating a relationship between roasting-house and grower. I arrange coffee trips to Ethiopia’s coffee growing heartlands, where you will visit a number of plantations and observe picking and processing, as well as get to know the farmers on a personal basis.

The trip is the perfect opportunity to observe your coffee beans being picked and processed at first hand, and learn the true story of your coffee’s origin, a story which you can then pass on to your own customers.

Sorting coffee beans

November Trip - 2010

The trip was extremely well-received by all of the visitors, who found it fascinating to gain a first-hand insight into the working conditions at the plantations and processing stations.

In addition, the trips are incredibly motivational for those working at the plantations, who gain an appreciation of the importance of their role in the production of high quality coffee. Perhaps above all, the meetings foster a mutual respect between the grower and roasting-house which makes all future contact that much easier.